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Factors To Consider When Selecting The Ceiling Hoist

The task of lifting an immobile patient from one point to another may be very dangerous. The molift hoists are one of the safest devices that can be used to move the patient to a different point. The molift hoist are an essential commodity for the sick person and you need to ensure that you find the one that will meet most of their needs. You should consider the following factors in selecting your hoists.

Make A Choice Between The Portable And Fixed Machines

You should check on what you need to achieve with the equipment. You will have an option for the choosing the fixed and the flexible types. Since the fixed types stay in a single place they have high performance due to their strong makeup. The flexible types can perform in different tracks as they can be comfortable shifted to the different rooms.

The Amount Of Weight That It Can Hold

You should check on the weight capacity of the product before going further with the purchase. The common molift uk can carry a weight of 300 to 500 pounds. there are types of the ceiling hoists that are specifically designated for the patients that are overweight. The functionalities of the gadgets are affected by the weight and you should ensure that you get the perfect weights.

The Range Of The Height

Different types of the ceiling hoists are manufactured to stretch up to a certain height. You should consider the best height capacities as some of them can reach up to the ground to collect the fallen patient and be able to lift the patient out to the highest beds. You should ensure that you get the machine that is very effective for the height of your house for it to perform perfectly.

The Variety Of The Slings

The Sling size determines how comfortable the patient will feel when they are being shifted to a different place. You need to ensure that you get a perfect oxford sling that will support your patient and increase their safety. To get the perfect fit, you should consider the height, waist size and thigh size of the patient before selecting any ceiling hoist.

The Safety Features

The ceiling hoists needs to have several safety features. Some of the features that should be in your mind should include the stop controls, speed governor and the locking latches.

Most of these items are used in hospitals, residential area and schools and the suppliers need to be certified. The molift hoist requires regular maintenance and you should ensure that you work with the reputable company to offer such services.

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